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Barrel Clinic Fee: $450.00 per horse & Rider for the two day clinic. No charge to parents of participants. Clinics are limited to 10 participants per clinic so Jessi can devote individualized time to you and your horse to address your specific needs.

Speed Clinics: These clinics are for fine tuning already started barrel horses so that they can perform at their very best. In this clinic Jessi works with each participant and their horse to determine the specific needs and areas that they need to work on. The clinic follows her book “Fine Tuning Barrel Horses” with step by step exercises that work on consistency and understanding, how to fix problems, what bit’s to use for their horse and their hands, teaching rate, keeping a finished horse calm while keeping them sharp, video analysis of your runs and much more.

Starting Green Horses on the Barrel Pattern: These clinics teach young horses, how to rate a barrel properly, how to work off the riders leg commands, how to make flying lead changes, how to make a proper barrel turn, how to change balance from the front end to the rear end at high speeds and most importantly consistency on the pattern. They also include you lots of easy to follow exercises and drills to keep young horses interested without burning them out.

Pole Bending Clinics: $250.00 per student. This clinic is limited to 10 participants per clinic, so I can make sure to provide each student with all of my attention, so they get their issues resolved, and the most out of the clinic. This is a one day clinic (8 hours) where I work with both finished or young pole horses. I take riders at all levels, and experience. In this clinic, I work on how to use your body properly when running the poles, one of the most important part of Pole bending. I also teach proper leg commands, to free up the horse's head and the reins which helps keep riders from hitting poles with their hands. I also work on teaching proper strides for flying lead changes on the 21 foot Pole pattern. I teach the riders how to make proper pole turns on the end poles, so the horses will be able to keep from hitting them. I help the riders learn to keep proper balance at high speeds to ensure they don't interfere with the horses balance and ability to make the high speed maneuvers threw the pole pattern. I introduce lots of drills and exercises during the clinic that work on rider consistency without burning out the horse on the pole pattern as well. This clinic includes a take home Drill Packet, that has lots of easy to follow exercises and drills to keep your horses interested without burning them out, which gives the rider a way to practice their consistency for muscle memory.

Private Lesson Fees: Jessi also provides private riding lessons for those that can’t make it to her clinics. But due to her rodeo schedule she can only do them when she is home during the winter months. Lessons range from starting young horses on the barrel pattern, to working with professional barrel racers on fine tuning their already started horses.  Private lessons are $75.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

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