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OJ's Ole Chica Bonita

Name: OJ's Ole Chica Bonita (By: Jet Toro)
DOB: 06-01-2002
Color: Chestnut
YTD WPRA & Open Earnings: $13,078.60
Sex: Mare
Owner: Jessi Mead
Rider: Jessi Mead
Breeder: Jessi Mead

About:  OJ's Ole Chica Bonita (Chica):

OJ's Ole Chica Bonita (Chica) had a late start with her training. She had 30 days as a three year old, but she injured her foot in the spring of her four year old year. It took a year for her foot to heal so I didn't start back on her until she was five. In September of 2007, I started her on barrels and she took to it like it was her second nature.

She placed in the 2-D her first barrel race, and in the 1-D the third time she was ever entered. She is showing great promise and was running consistently in the 1-D  by the end of the year, with only four months on the barrels. 

With limited hauling in 2009 & 2010 due to my medical health issues, she has placed consistently at WPRA rodeos and nearly every armature event she was entered in.

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Ojs Ole Chica Bonita

OJs Ole Chica Bonita

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