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Mojo Folly

Name: Mojo Folly (By: Jet Toro)
DOB: 1996
Color: Grey
Sex: Gelding
Dam: Speeding For Money, Man In The Money
Owner: Brad Roorda
Rider: Troy Crumrine

Mojo Folly Accomplishments:

February, 2000: S.A.L.E. Barrel Futurity
Placed in the finals with winnings of $877.00
March, 2000: Brad Roorda and Troy Crumrine (Owner and Rider) on placing in the finals at the 1st leg of the Speedhorse Triple Crown Barrel Futurity with winnings of $2,222.00
April, 2000: Turn-N-Burn Classic Barrel Futurity
Placed 3rd overall in the finals with winnings of $2,829.00
May, 2000: Speedhorse Gold Cup Barrel Futurity
Placed 11th in the first go, 9th in the second go, and 14rd overall in the finals with winnings of $5,302.00
May, 2000: Old Fort Days Barrel Futurity
Consolation Finalist with winnings of $348.51
August, 2000: 2000 Texas Style Futurity
Placed 7th in the 1-D with winnings of $1,943.56

About Troy Crumrine: (Link to

Troy has won over $2 million since 1989. He has won over 35 saddles, 
over 15 trailers (either to keep or 1 years use), and over 45 buckles and other awards including a truck for 1 year's use. He is the leading money earner in the 10 year stats.

2000: Won nearly $500,000
San Antonio Futurity & Derby Champion (HL Sprite, & Flick a Bullion)
Speedhorse Silver 1st & 2nd
(HL Sprite & Sissys Little Coin) first BIG Futurity win
Lazy E Futurity 1st & 2nd & Derby Champion (Sprite, Sissy, & Flick)
Turn & Burn Fut & Derby Champion
Indiana Futurity Champion
Speedhorse Gold Cup Futurity Champion (Sissys Little Coin)
Old Fort Days Futurity Champion
BFA World Show Futurity Champion
(End of year Point winner Fut & Derby)
EBFA year end point winner

2001: BFA World show Futurity Champion (Don't Cross the Bully)

2003: Mega Barrel Race 1-D Champion
Speedhorse Gold Cup Champion (Ima Tiger Toole)
Ohio Quarterhorse Congress Sweepstakes Champion
(Don't Cross the Bully)
BFA Futurity Champion (Don't Cross the Bully)

2004: 1st BBR Year end 1-D Champion (Coup De Alibi)
Turn N Burn Fut, Derby, both 4-D Champion
(Alot of Gamble, Don't Cross the Bully, Cause Hesa Bully)
Speedhorse Gold Cup Reserve Fut Champion (Alot of Gamble)
Derby 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
(Don't Cross the Bully, Redheaded Jonsey, Treasured Outdoor)
Ohio Quarterhorse Congress Sweepstakes Champion
(Don't Cross the Bully)
Old Fort Days Derby Champion (Red Headed Jonsey)

2005: Speedhorse Gold Cup Champion (Bully Bowlan Bug)
San Antonio Futurity Champion (Hotshot Leader)
Derby 1st & 2nd (Red Headed Jonsey, Treasured Outdoor)
Run For The Bucks 1-D Champion (Cause Hesa Bully)

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Mojo Folly



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