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Jose OJ

Jose OJ (by Jet Toro)

Jet Toro

Jet Toro (by Easy Jet)

Breeding Facilities

Frozen semen available year-round.
Mare Care: Dry $5.00 wet, $10.00 a day.
All mares penned individually in foal safe pens.

Providing a stress free environment for your mare and foal optimizes the chance for a successful pregnancy. Our breeding facilities and mare care were designed with this in mind.

Mares and their foals are penned individually in quality pipe runs. Palpation shoots are set up to let the foal and mare stay together. Mares are either hand bred or artificially inseminated. All mares are thoroughly cleaned prior to each breeding, thus creating a higher conception rate. Foals are separately penned but adjacent to the mare during the breeding process to ensure the foals safety. We use the latest in equine medical technology including ultrasounds and shipping semen.

Red Butte Ranch, Sheridan, Wyoming

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